Feast Streat

Carnival pizza

Carnival Pizza has been a beloved brand for the past five years and, in May 2020, we acquired it and rebranded its logos to fit within the Feast Streat Family image. Our pizzas are made from scratch with fresh ingredients, and we take pride in using only the highest quality toppings. The pizzas are cooked in a traditional wood-fired pizza oven, which adds to the wonderful aroma and creates a unique atmosphere for our customers.

We care about the environment and have made a conscious effort to source our logs from www.planetfriendlyfirewood.co.uk, a company that provides all wood, plastic-free and plants trees to replace the wood we burn in our ovens. Additionally, all of our pizza boxes and food packaging are 100% biodegradable, as with all Feast Streat concessions. Come try our delicious handcrafted pizzas at one of our events and see why we are a crowd favorite.