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Ginger & Juice

Ginger and the Juice is a vibrant and energetic juice bar that brightens up any high street or event. Our bright wood counters and stools add to the lively atmosphere while we prepare your favourite fresh juices and fruit bowls right in front of you. Our simple and healthy menu offers a variety of nutritious juices to choose from.

We can supply any of our concessions to your event, and they all complement each other, so mixing it up is never an issue. You can choose from any combination of food and drink concessions and expect outstanding service from our staff and management. Our food court option provides your event with a range of food and drink concessions, picnic benches, bunting, and flags to make your event unforgettable.

At Ginger and the Juice, we’re in the business of making your life easy and packed with flavour. Contact us to learn more about hiring Ginger and the Juice and our other concessions for your event.