Feast Streat

Halloumi Street fries

Authentic Greek Halloumi is a Feast Streat concession that will transport you straight to the heart of Cyprus. Our halloumi is imported directly from the Mediterranean island, sliced into super chunky wedges and deep-fried until perfectly crispy.

Savor the flavor of Cyprus with our delicious halloumi served with a range of dips or try our halloumi box loaded with mouthwatering, homemade toppings. Our toppings include a classic chili con carne with all the trimmings, tangy sour cream and spicy jalapeños, smoky BBQ pulled pork and crispy onions, or a delectable med veg ratatouille.

At Feast Streat, we take pride in using only the finest ingredients to create our dishes, and our halloumi is no exception. You won’t find any processed or pre-packaged halloumi here – only fresh, authentic Greek halloumi.

Visit us at one of our food courts or book us for your event and indulge in the flavors of Greece with our Authentic Greek Halloumi.