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Pit Stop Pork

Welcome to Pit Stop, where we bring the authentic taste of the deep south American pit bbq’s to your event. Our chefs use a commercial, modern method of cooking all our meats with hickory smoke, low and slow at 130 degrees for over 15 hours in our digital smoke oven, resulting in tender, flavourful meat.

Our pork butts are cooked with the bone in, and when removed from the wood smoked oven onsite at events, customers get the wow factor as our chefs expertly pull the shoulder bones out, leaving just the tender meat falling away.

At Pit Stop, we only use the freshest ingredients and serve all our meats with several sauces and toppings, either enveloped in fresh brioche rolls or dolloped onto crispy skin on fries.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we only serve our meals in fully biodegradable food boxes with wooden cutlery and biodegradable serviettes. Make your event stand out with the authentic taste of Pit Stop! Contact us today to book our concession.