Feast Streat


Join us on the journey towards

A greener future

Welcome to Feast Streat’s Environmental Sustainability page, where we showcase our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and eradicating single-use plastics throughout our operations. Here are some of the measures we have implemented towards this goal.

Sustainable packaging

We only use plant-based, compostable disposables for our food service. This step was taken several years ago to minimise our impact on the environment. Our range of drinks are canned or sold in glass bottles, served with plant-based cups and paper straws. Moreover, our meat has minimal packaging, coming from our own butchery. We use plastic butchers’ crates, cardboard boxes, and paper liners to wrap the majority of our protein-based raw materials. These measures have enabled us to reduce our carbon footprint and plastic waste.

Minimising food waste
We focus on ensuring any waste is minimised, and we are very good at forecasting demand for our product, given our extensive experience. The Collective uses a forecasting tool that works out outlet sales share, translating this into individual unit turnover. We work with our clients to ensure compliance with waste streaming policies, and we are very careful not to contaminate our segregated waste streams. When providing bins for our clients, we use pictorial signage to indicate what goes where. Where necessary, we work with charities such as Fair Share, which uses food waste to tackle hunger.

Reduce utility usage

We are conscious of our energy and water usage and have implemented measures to reduce it. In our own premises, lights in corridors, bathrooms, and communal areas are motion sensor activated. As a premises containing a butchery, our taps are knee-activated, meaning the knee has to hold the valve in the open position, and as soon as it is taken away, the valve closes. These measures have allowed us to conserve resources and reduce our impact on the environment.

Reduce chemical usage
We use sustainable, biodegradable products, including Ecover and Sure product ranges, for required dishwashing. Additionally, we use compostable disposables as described. By reducing our chemical usage, we minimise our impact on the environment and support sustainable practices.

At Feast Streat, we are continually seeking new ways to improve our environmental sustainability practices. By making small changes across our business, we hope to make a significant impact on the environment. Thank you for joining us on our journey towards a greener future. To learn more about our sustainability practices, please feel free to contact us