Feast Streat

Feast Streat

For over a decade, Feast Streat has been a trusted food trader at events across the UK. Our stall offers a mouth-watering range of locally produced beef burgers, stacked with your choice of cheeses, bacon, salad and sauces, alongside extra-large, flavourful sausages in freshly baked bread. Our cooking is done on display in huge pans, creating an inviting atmosphere and tempting aromas.

Our concession is perfect for high-footfall and large crowd events, generating great revenue for event organisers with share and percentage deals or where the priority is to ensure large crowds are fed promptly without issue or stock shortages.

We can supply any of our concessions to any event, and they complement each other well, allowing you to mix and match to suit your event’s needs. Choose any combination of our food and drink concessions and expect outstanding service from our staff and management.

For a complete food court experience, choose our food court option, which includes a range of food and drink concessions, picnic benches, bunting, and flags.

We make your life easy and packed with flavour. If you would like to know more about hiring Feast Streat or any of our other concessions for your event, please contact us.