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Handmade Burger Company

The Handmade Burger Company provides quality hand pressed beef patties and flavoured pork sausage on fresh brioche buns or white floured hot dog rolls with your choice of salad and sauces.

Our fresh burgers and speciality sausages are prepared in-house by our own butchers, so we know only the best ingredients and quality meat/ are used. Choose from a range of burgers or hot dogs including our famous hot dog range, pork and leek, traditional pork, pork and fresh chilli or pork and wild garlic.

You can load any burger or hot dog with several toppings like chilli con carne, sour cream and jalapeños, or nacho cheese sauce, its slightly messy but its seriously tasty. Make it meal by adding crispy skin on fries to any burger or hot dog and why not load them with toppings too.